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Dan Wyman
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Films, Media Works, Compositions

Original scores for Motion Pictures

BM University of Southern California

MA University of Southern California

DMus University of Natal, SA

Emeritus Professor, School of Music and Dance, San Jose State University


Brief Biography - Daniel Wyman

A native of Los Angeles, Daniel Wyman studied composition, musicology, and film scoring (B.M., M.A.) at the University of Southern California, and later a doctorate in composition and ethnomusicology from The University of Natal, South Africa. His principal instuctors include Fredrick Lesemann, Ingolf Dahl, and David Raksin. working with electronic music pioneer, Paul Beaver, Dr. Wyman began composing for movies by joining producer/director John Carpenter to create the music for Assault on Precinct 13, The Fog, and the original Halloween. During this period he wrote the principal manual on the Moog modular analog synthesizer, for Robert Moog and the Norlin Music Company.

As a co-founder of the electronic music recording studio, Sound Arts, Dr. Wyman created numerous sound tracks as electronic orchestrator and sound designer. Included in these productions are National Geographic Specials, credits in Missing, Apocalypse Now, Close But Free, Delusion, Fade to Black, the Broadway musical Baby, and the Darkroom television series (ABC TV). He has created music for the Ice Capades, commercials including Timex to Blue Cross, and electronic programming for numerous hit recordings by Earth Wind and Fire, Donna summers, Barbra Streisand, The Beach Boys, Diana Ross, Black Sabbath, Little Feat, Devo, Angel, and many more. Dr. Wyman's feature film composition credits include The Return, Hellnight,, Without Warning, Metamorphosis, and The Lawnmower Man.

Dr. Wyman has written concert music for various ensembles and electro-acoustic combinations, including chamber concertos for viola, cello, saxophone and bassoon. He has had commissions from the Stuttgart Days for New Music, Musik der Jahrhundert Festivals, San Jose Dance Theatre, San Jose Chamber Orchestra, and the Times Square Music Ensemble, and the National Endowment for the Arts. In co-production with saxophonist William Trimble, Dr. Wyman released two CDs entitled Duo for Saxophone and Composer, and Explorations, available through Gnorble Music.

Since 1988, Dr. Wyman and his wife, Dr. Marilyn Wyman (professor, Art History, SJSU), have pursued studies and projects focusing on the arts in South Africa. They have worked with the University of Natal, Durban, the University of Durban, Westville, and the Trade Union Research Projects.

Selected CD/cassette Productions:

DUO: Music for Saxophone and Composer, (William Trimble and Daniel Wyman). XDOT25 Distribution.

Giraffes in a Hurry, Matthew Brubeck and David Widelock Duo, B&W Music, London Really Matthew Brubeck and David Widelock Duo, Jazzpoint Recordings, New York. Produced by Dan Wyman

South African Praise Poetry, and Music for Liberation, Culture and Working Life Project, South Africa. Produced by Dan Wyman

Through the Reed, in Music from the Center for Research in Electro-Acoustic Music Volume 26, Centaur Records, CRC 2404 (1998).

Blackwaterside: Celtic Music on the Silver Flute. Craig CD 2501. Produced by Dan Wyman.

Films, Media Works, Compositions

Selected Commissions: Concert Music

1997 San Jose Chamber Orchestra, ÔSoon, for Bassoon and Orchestra. First Performance, April 1999.

1996 Times Square Music Commission, Through the Reed for Viola dÕamore and Digital recordings. First performance, 1996, available on CD.

1995 Musik der Jahrhunderte Series commission, Persistence of Memories for cello and performance artists. First performance, Stuttgart, 1996.

1994 San Jose Chamber Orchestra , Playing Fields, for Viola and Chamber Orchestra. First Performance March, 1995. (selected for Pulitzer Prize consideraton, 1996)

1994 Musik Der Jahrhundert series commission, Soaring Figure 3 for ensemble and computer, multiple Stuttgart performances, 1995-1998

1993 Tony Cirone Percussion Ensemble commission: Painted Notes for soprano saxophone and percussion ensemble. First performance San Jose, 1994, multiple performances 1995-1997.

1993 Voices of South Africa Series: Wena Wendlovu for quadraphonic tape broadcast on SABC radio Fall 1993.

Original Composition for Motion Pictures (Features/Television)

Complete scores

The Lawnmower Man: Allied Vision/Newline Cinema

Without Warning: World Amusement

Hell Night: Compass Films

Yellow Wallpaper: A.F.I

Dead Pit: Sunseri/Cornerstone Productions

The Return: World Amusement

Time Frame: MCA/Xenon

Contributing Composer (Feature Segments and/or full episodes):

  • Metamorphoses Sanrio films
  • Treasure Of The Amazon CBS Movie of the Week
  • To Kill a Stranger CBS Movie of the Week
  • Missing Universal Pictures Dr. Detroit Universal Pictures
  • Silver Crown A.F.I.
  • Star Force (Episodes) Film Animation (Bill Brown)
  • Barnaby Jones (Episodes) A.B.C. Quinn/ Martin
  • Darkroom (Episodes) A.B.C./Universal Pictures

Orchestration and Score Supervision:

  • Apocalypse Now American Zoetrope
  • Halloween Compass Films/John Carpenter
  • The Fog Hilltopper/Avco Embassy
  • Assault on Precinct 13 Compass Films/John Carpenter
  • Delusion Peake Productions

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